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Discover the effectiveness of Branded & Promotional Food & Drink Products.

Branded & Personalised Food & Drink Gifts can make for highly effective marketing tools, whether you’re giving them away at trade events, as an incentive for staff and team members, or as an opportunity to acquire new customers and clients. Browse our Promotional Drink & Food Gifts today…

Ordering our Corporate Gifts is easy

Many of our Promotional Food & Drink Gifts can be ordered online. A few of our more specialised branded gifts can be ordered by phone.

1. Choose Sweets

Choose from our wide range of branded sweets, drinks and savoury products.

2. Customise

Add your company’s branding, logo and contact information to your products.

3. We Deliver

We will deliver your branded edible gifts to your door within 7 working days.

Popular Christmas sweets

Discover some of our most popular branded Christmas sweets all available to be customised with your logo and branding, They act as a form of marketing and a Christmas gift!

Branded Food & Personalised Drink Gifts

At Bite My Brand we are pleased to offer a unique range of custom Promotional Food and Drink Products. Our Branded Gifts present a unique way to capture new customers and clients, sweeten up your business prospects, or motivate your staff and team. The effectiveness of Personalised Food and Promotional Drink Products is unparalleled. What greater way to leave a lasting impression then with some tasty treats! Our Edible Promotional Gifts will help to leave a lasting memory, and fill an empty stomach too. Discover our full range of Edible Corporate Gifts and Personalised Drinks today…